Indoor and outdoor locations for rent

Photo shootings, Video shootings, Events

on 9 hectares of land


  • Studio

    This house is in 450 sq. meters, fully equipped with a wide range furniture. Large panorama windows brighten…

  • A Loft house with an infinity pool

    Built in the summer of 2016 in modern loft style according to the latest trends. This minimalist house…

  • The Hangar

    The building is about 580 sq. meters. The inner height is 7 meter s that allow enough room…

  • Chalet on the lake

    The lake is surrounded by a wooden deck that links the features established around the lake; a bar,…

  • Motocross track

    On a sprawling 2 hectares that includes a pit bike track.

  • Farm

    One of our extra locations is an animal farm, where Kerry hill sheep and poultry live as well…


About us

RRS Studios is a multi purpose studio complex on 9 hectares of land.
We offer various locations for photo shootings, video shootings and different kind of events.

Rent the place

Our locations can be rented together or separately.
For prices please get in contact with us!

Rent equipment

We have a wide selection of equipment available to ensure your session run smoothly.
Our backgrounds, lamps and cameras are all for rent.

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