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One of our extra locations is an animal farm, where Kerry hill sheep and poultry live as well as horses, Luna and Rolex, Füge the alpaca, Ciuchina the donkey and Rocco the mini pony. A list of our equipment will be provided upon request.
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Chalet on the lake

The lake is surrounded by a wooden deck that links the features established around the lake; a bar, an outdoor fireplace, a rest area the shape of a peninsula and a beach volleyball court. Nearby there is also a running track. The bungalow shaped bar and the decorations give an oriental atmosphere to the lakeside.…
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The Hangar

The building is about 580 sq. meters. The inner height is 7 meter s that allow enough room for a bar called Hot Rose and for a climbing wall. There is also a sunny make up room equipped with mirrors, a rest room and a dressing room.
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